philip higson

Philip Higson

Founding Partner

  • Partner at Carlyon Services GmbH in Zurich
  • Mandated as independent advisor for investment committee of philanthropic foundation and swiss based family
  • External consultant for private market investment platform of mid-sized European bank
  • Actively engaged with investing opportunities in private and public markets

Began career in 1985 with equity market roles at investment banks including Merrill Lynch and UBS until 2006 with international assignment to Japan as UBS Equity research Head. Moved with family to Zurich in 2006. Gained valuable experience during financial crisis as Head of Investor Relations for UBS Group. Helped develop UBS Global Family Office business from inception in 2010 until 2017. Founded Carlyon AG in 2017 with mandate from US multi-strategy fund. During 2020 and 2021 created pre-IPO platform for European bank before joining Carlyon Services GmbH.

Affiliated Specialists

david lepper

David Lepper

Research Specialist

  • Founding Partner of SR Services Ltd.
  • Acting as an independent senior advisor to several multi-national institutional investment managers and Family Offices.
  • Actively engaged with venture backed, event driven, real world and distressed asset due diligence and investment opportunities.

Began career in 1994 with equity market roles at investment banks including Prudential Bache, BNP Paribas and a public-private activist investor in Australasia. In 2001, joined UBS in Hong Kong primarily responsible for the Pan Asia Small-Mid Cap research practice. In mid 2008, moved to Dubai as Head of MENA research for HSBC and in mid 2011 established SR Services, a Special Situations Consultancy and Strategy firm.

thomas siegenthaler

Thomas Siegenthaler

Credit Specialist

  • Founder and owner of TS:solutions
  • Independent credit structurer, arranger and advisor
  • Specialist for non-standard and structured credit lines

Thomas is an expert for complex loan structures such as Single Stock Equity, concentrated securities portfolio, private equity, private debt and other illiquid assets. He provides lending solutions for residential and commercial mortgages as well as liquidity facilities against a pool of assets.

Before, Thomas Siegenthaler has worked +30years in the banking industry as Credit Officer, Credit Structurer and Lending Product Specialist covering loans to Commercial Clients, Private Clients, Wealth Management Clients, Hedge Funds and Distressed Assets. He has also worked on Asset Backed and other asset pool solutions and among other things as Chief Credit Officer for UBS Wealth Management Europe and as Group Chief Credit Officer for Quintet Private Bank Group.