Our offering reflects the needs of clients – they value independent specialist advice

Minimize your Cost of Credit

Based on an in depth-understanding of banking processes, together with a team of seasoned lawyers and tax experts, Carlyon Services offers support in establishing new or optimizing existing credit facilities including the management of contracts and pricing.

Maximize your Profit from Investment

Leveraging our extensive network, Carlyon Services constantly screens the market for access to exceptional late-stage venture capital opportunities and Direct Real Estate Deals. Before being shown to clients, each case is meticulously assessed by Carlyon’s best-in-class DD process to save potential investors’ time and help evaluate risk and reward. Such pre-IPO venture offerings are often inaccessible to non-fund investors.

Protect your Interests

Carlyon Services offers due diligence services to protect against execution risk where there is a knowledge gap for given market opportunity, key person, or governance framework. Scope of work is predominantly offensive, when transactions or deals warrant going deeper in order to reduce execution risk for Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Venture funds and family business owners.

Extend your Reach

Carlyon Services partners participate in Foundation & Company Boards. We broaden the conversation with our experience. We support governance with independent input for business or investment decisions. We can source additional investments and can introduce relevant parties.